Asthma Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

The allergy & asthma clinic is one of the most qualified to diagnose and manage various allergic conditions for both adults and children. Dr. Gaglani has been able to treat a wide variety of allergic symptoms and disorders due to her specialized training, education and more than a decade worth of practice in the field of allergies in Central Texas.

Our staff is dedicated to taking care of each patient's needs. The methodology to determine allergies and the treatment course used in our clinic is time-tested and well established.

Asthma is a disease caused by obstruction of the airways in the lungs. The airway obstruction is caused by inflammation. Generally this causes symptoms of wheezing, shortness of breath, cough or chest tightness. The obstruction is reversed by bronchodilators.

1. Asthma can be exercise induced when symptoms manifest only with exertion.

2. Asthma can be viral induced when one has asthma symptoms following a "cold".

3. Asthma can be allergy induced when triggered by allergens such as cat, dog or seasonal allergens (cedar, oak, ragweed, grasses, etc.).

4. Asthma can be year-round when triggered by multiple or year-round allergens or when it is non-allergic asthma.

Asthma is diagnosed through a thorough history taking, physical examination, spirometry and/or response to a bronchodilator.

The treatment of asthma has changed significantly over the last few decades. The preferred medications are inhaled rather than oral. Emphasis is on control of inflammation in the airways and prevention of remodeling.

Quick Relief Medications
These are used on an as needed basis to treat asthma symptoms and advised not to be used daily.

Long Term Control Medications
These medications are used regularly by themselves or in combination to control asthma symptoms. When taken regularly they prevent asthma attacks, ER visits and hospitalizations.

What about allergy injections(Immunotherapy) and anti Ig antibody(Omalizumab) treatment
Immunotherapy is effective for allergy induced asthma. Anti IgE antibodies(Omalizumab) is indicated for severe asthma if it is allergy induced and steroid dependent.

Q: When does asthma typically start?
Asthma can start at any age. Allergy-induced asthma starts in childhood for many. It affects 14-15 million people in the US.

Q: What causes asthma?
Most people with allergic asthma have a genetic predisposition to having allergies. It is seen in patients who have allergic rhinitis and eczema; however, there are environmental factors which interplay with genetic tendency before asthma symptoms manifest.

Q: Does one outgrow asthma?
Symptoms of many children with asthma improve as they grow older. This is usually because as they grow, their airways grow and therefore the obstruction is less severe compared to when the airways are smaller. Not everyone outgrows asthma and many patients continue to exhibit asthma symptoms in adulthood.

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