Is it Just You or the Spring Allergy Season 2021 is Severe Than Usual?

Managing Spring Allergies 2021 - Austin & Round Rock, Tx

Year 2021 is posed to be yet another brutal year for people with allergies.

Post Covid-19 vaccination the warm and inviting spring air is inviting people to drift outside. For those who suffer from seasonal allergies, there may be a short interval in some parts of the country before allergens shoots up in full action.

The deep freeze we had in February may make the allergy season more severe. The snow acted as insulation on the plants, delaying the pollen but did not lessen anything.

New research from Germany suggests that the climate change is now causing allergy season to last longer, as rising temperatures are causing plants to bloom earlier, and pollen from early-blooming location are travelling into later-blooming locations, UPI recently reported.

Spring usually involves tree pollens. However, the delay in spike of tree pollens caused by freeze will now line up with grass pollen’s annual spike resulting into double trouble of allergy suffering.

The Houston Health Department has been reporting high levels of mold spores, weed, tree and grass pollen lately.

Spring Allergies 2021 and COVID-19

Can’t tell if this is allergies or COVID? Some common symptoms of both allergies and COVID-19 could be coughing, sore throats and feeling tired. However, typically seasonal allergies are not associated with a fever. Nonetheless, it is always recommended consulting a doctor or urgent care facility to be sure.

Follow CDC guidelines to prevent and deal with COVID-19. Wearing masks will help protecting your nose and mouth from airborne particles. Other common traits to deal with spring allergies are:

  • Keep an eye on pollen count in your area/city.
  • Keep the windows closed.
  • Take shower after spending time outside.

Read our blog “Tips on mitigating the risks of spring allergies” for more information.

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