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Allergy Clinic in Austin & Round Rock - Texas

Expert Allergy Testing Clinic for 25 years

The Allergy & Asthma Clinic offers a personalized and comprehensive service to diagnose and treat various allergies.

The clinic is located in Austin and Round Rock, Texas treating patients from Buda, Kyle, Bastrop, Cedar Park and other nearby areas.

Our staff is dedicated to taking care of each patient’s needs. The methodology to determine allergies and the treatment course used in our clinic is time-tested and well established.

"Fantastic clinic, highly recommend to anyone"

Fantastic clinic

"They have taken such great care of my daughter. I wouldn't take her anywhere else. Great team!"

Great team!

Dr. Gaglani clinically assess, test, diagnose and treat the following

Allergic and Immune Conditions

Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a common cold. Some common symptoms include sneezing, congestion…

Despite its name, cedar fever doesn’t cause a fever, but inflammation triggered by the allergic reaction may raise the body temperature slightly.

Common symptoms are itchy, red, watery or swollen eyes. If the condition lasts for a while it may cause dry eyes too. 

What seems to be an egg allergy, could be caused by food tolerance. There are several approaches to diagnose egg allergy, including ruling out…

Milk allergy can involve many organ systems such as skin, respiratory, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular. In some cases multiple systems can react…

Other Allergy Conditions

We offer allergy allergy skin testing, allergy drops, allergy shots, and treatments for asthma and various allergy conditions.

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Seeking relief from allergies, asthma conditions? Is Texan allergies causing you to sneeze and wheeze?

Allergies & Asthma clinic can help you find relief! We are conveniently located in Austin and Round Rock, TX. We serve patients from Buda, Kyle, Bastrop, and other Greater Austin areas.

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