Dealing with Fall / Autumn Allergies, Texas

Dealing with Fall / Autumn Allergies, Texas

Sneezing, scratchy throats, and itchy eyes during the fall season.

After summer’s scorching temperatures, who doesn’t love celebrating the milder temperatures of the fall in Texas? Fall is a great time for outdoor activities as it is warm. Some mornings and evenings can be cooler and there could be occasional rain.

With all these changes in the temperature a new crop of allergy symptoms can arise and if you are experiencing sneezing, scratchy throats and itchy eyes during the Fall/Autumn season, then this article is for you.

Ragweed is one of the more common triggers of allergies during autumn, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

Other sources of fall allergies include the release of pollen as well as the increase in mold. Leaf mold and pollen that is present on fallen leaves are heaven for the mold spores.

Some common fall allergy and asthma symptoms:

  • Sneezing
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Runny nose
  • Itchy, watery, burning eyes
  • Itchy mouth or throat
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Tight feeling in the chest

Depending upon the climate and the location, the seasonal allergies may occur. Here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe from the fall / autumn allergies:

  • Research pollen and mold counts in your area
  • Keep windows and doors closed, both during day and at night
  • Roll the car windows up and use the air conditioning with recirculating inside air
  • Schedule your outdoor activities when pollen levels are lower i.e. during late afternoon or after heavy rains
  • Take shower and change clothing after coming back from outdoors. Use cloth dryer to dry your clothes instead of the clothesline outside
  • Use air conditioner to keep cool at home, avoid using windows and attic fans as it can bring more pollen into your home

Here are some cleaning tips to reduce allergens at home:

  • Dust, vacuum, and mop oft-overlooked places
  • Change or wash your filters
  • Wash and change when you come in
  • Wipe off your pets
  • Isolate guests’ pollen

Fall in Austin, TX and Round Rock, TX could be tough on those affected by allergies. If the above mentioned preventive measures still leave you miserable, Allergies & Asthma Clinic is always here to help you combat the allergies.

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