Why the Fall Allergies is so Bad Right Now?

Fall allergy treatment Austin, Tx and Round Rock Tx

Ragweed’s one plant can produce a billion grains of pollen during the season.

The sniffle you feel during the warm breezy day in North Texas, is due to what’s in the wind. Ragweed!

Yes, ragweed’s one plant can produce a billion grains of pollen during the season and can travel for hundreds of miles.

The nearly year-round warm weather and a windy, flat terrain in North Texas makes it suitable for an acute and a lengthy allergy season.

For the North-Texan kids and parents, the mold during September, makes it a difficult ‘back-to-school’ time!

During the month of September and October, the mold is seen at it’s peak, which makes it worse for the people having allergy-induced asthma condition.

For the people with acute asthma reaction, staying outside for few hours in the middle of the day with the wind blowing, can be serious.

They are advised to wear mask when outdoors in order to mitigate the risks of ragweed. The air purifier and nasal irrigation could be used as aids for further help.

If you are seeing any such symptoms, but unsure whether they are allergies, should consider getting tested. For the patients knowing already about the particular allergens causing a reaction may better avoid them.

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